Cellular Boosting Services Include:

  • Frequency Enhancement For All Major Carriers
  • Optimizing the Building for 3G, 4G, LTE Voice and Data
  • Minimizing the Risk of Dropped and Missed Calls
  • Customized Coverage Designs

Get Complete Coverage In Every Corner Of The Building

Cellphones and other wireless mobile devices have become so common in life, business, healthcare and educational institutions that they now play a critical role in daily operations. At the same time some structures, can block, absorb, or cause intermittent reception issues.

To help prevent dropped calls and other cellular inefficiencies many institutions are turning to IT infrastructure and structured cabling companies like Prodacom Group, to explore their cellular amplification options.

Our engineers, specialists, and installation technicians have extensive experience with a variety of systems for boosting cellular signals inside a wide range of structures. The solution we recommend for you will be based on your needs, as well as the characteristics of your structure and future growth potential.

Prodacom Group’s engineers and designers will work to make sure all key factors are considered, including the size of your facility, your specific coverage requirements, and your schedule as well as your budget. During the site evaluation phase, we will carefully test the signal strength levels of your site in all pertinent areas. In the case of a facility that is still under construction, we will provide a quote based on your projected floor plan.

Many of the systems we design incorporate a structured and integrated network of bi-directional amplifiers, indoor antennas, and splitters that receive signal from a roof-mounted donor antenna. The donor antenna then receives signal from the nearest cellular antenna and distributes it to the other components through our professionally installed structured cabling system

Prodacom Group offers a variety of services regardless of the scale of your building including:

  • Site survey and evaluation
  • Consultation services
  • Optimization of your current RF equipment
  • Fast and professional installation by certified installation technicians
  • System monitoring and customer service
  • On-site technical support

Regardless of your scale and sector Prodacom Group can work with you to develop an in-building cellular enhancement system designed to boost reception to all your wireless devices. We have vast experience working with frequencies from all major carriers. We can wait to help you develop the kind of cellular enhancement signal your business needs to thrive today and into tomorrow!