Our Areas Of Expertise Include

  • Improved Cell Signals
  • Professional Evaluation, Assessment, and Installation
  • IT Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Providing Reliable Cellular Signal For Public Safety

Get Total Cell Phone Coverage With In-Building DAS

Reliable communication technology doesn’t just help your business grow and thrive, it’s absolutely essential for daily operations as well as your long-term success. Dropped calls, static interference, and other telecommunication problems can leave your customers and employees frustrated.

In many of these cases the physical properties of the building itself might be absorbing the RF signal or preventing clear reception. This is even more likely to be an issue if you have a large structure like a warehouse, factory, or hospital.

If your building or offices need better signal, you should contact Prodacom Group’s team of enhancement engineers. In just a short amount of time we can perform an evaluation and assessment to help improve cellular reception in key areas.

Our process starts with an initial assessment and estimate, which can often be performed within one business day. We will factor in the important characteristics of your building, which may also include an RF construction and site survey.

With the estimate in hand, you can then decide to move ahead with the design upgrade. We will work with you to set up a convenient time to visit the site to install and test your system.

In many of these cases the best option is to have our team install an In-Building Cellular System that employs RF equipment to distribute wireless signals throughout the structure. Also known as DAS or Distributed Antenna System, it is designed to capture reliable cellular signal from the outside world and channel it into your structure to distribute it with sufficient signal strength to support cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Depending on the characteristics of your building the system might also employ active repeaters, amplifiers. splitters, and feeders. All of which will be optimized to ensure a dependable RF signal.

Prodacom Group’s only uses components from the world’s most reputable suppliers of In-Building Wireless Amplifier components. The system we develop will allow you to support all your devices with clear and reliable service throughout a diverse range of frequencies.

Years Of Experience Makes For A Fast, Smooth Upgrade

Our engineers and installers have years of experience with upgrading and updating all manner of IT infrastructure. Our dedication to continued education helps us to understand and present all your technology options. This helps us to ensure your project is executed quickly and efficiently.

Nationwide Installation Services

Prodacom Group has several teams of installers throughout the United States. Whether you are in the suburbs, the city center, or a rural location one of our teams can be on-site within days to start the process of solving your problem.

Always Budget Conscious

A cellular distributed antenna system can vary in cost depending on the size and particular characteristics of the building. Most average between $2 to $4 per square foot. However, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the most for your money and many of our estimates are a fracture of the cost offered by our competitors!

We Can Work With Any Type Of Structure

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of different companies improve cellular reception inside a variety of different structures. Prodacom Group has designed and installed systems in shopping centers, multifamily housing complexes, hospitals, and industrial warehouses, as well as small offices and single retail stores.

Public safety institutions, such as hospitals and first responders often need DAS systems installed in their structures to maintain reliable service during times of emergency.

Reliable Indoor Cellular Service Is Possible

At Prodacom Group we are proud to guarantee optimized and reliable 3G/4G voice and data coverage throughout your building. Your experienced project manager will also worth with you to keep you up to date with the project as well as answer any of your questions.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Prioritize specific areas of concern
  • Performing a cellular signal test throughout the building
  • Determining potential cable paths and possible cellular repeater placement sites
  • Evaluating propagation variables
  • A detailed cellular coverage plan
  • Essential system engineering and design information

On-Site Evaluation

During the evaluation and assessment one of our cellular system specialists will determine the factors causing your cellular reception issues. The evaluation will also include a recommendation before and perspective as well as an approximate cost estimate.

Design & Planning

The recommendations and design plan that our design partners present to you will be tailored to your facility based on your current needs as well as your long-term plans. We will also include a complete system schematic depicting cellular amplifier sites and cable pathways, as well as potential locations to place one or more enhancement antennas.

Customized Project Proposal

After all the key details of your site have been collected your project manager will present you with the custom proposal for review. They can answer questions or any concerns to help you fully understand the scope of the project as well as important milestones in the installation process.

Professional Installation

Our expert installation teams will work quickly and efficiently to integrate the upgraded systems into your in building in a professional manner. When applicable we might also be able to work with your in-house IT staff to help them become familiarized with the system.

Post Installation Analysis Survey

Once all the components have been professionally installed we will perform a cellular signal strength evaluation and a propagation report will be provided. This information includes system configuration and start-up, and a final walk-through to ensure your satisfaction.

Establishing & Maintaining Carrier Relations

Prodacom Group works closely with national cellular carriers to assure your in building’s cellular upgrades meet your satisfaction while also integrating with your preferred carrier’s macro network. All components that we use such as cell phone repeaters and cellular amplifiers utilized meet with FCC regulations.

On-going Maintenance Program

When necessary Prodacom Group can provide a system maintenance option. This can be very helpful if you don’t happen to have an in-house IT staff. At minimal cost we can work assure your system continues to perform at its maximum potential with future changes in cellular technology.

If you would like we can also offer remote monitoring services. This allows us to monitor the configuration of your system to help your IT professionals troubleshoot future problems.

Helping You Understand Cellular Repeater Technology

Cellular repeaters are often used to boost or improve cellular signals within a building. There are several key steps involved in the process of maximizing success.

It starts by identifying and securely connecting to the outside source of your cellular signal, such as a cell tower or BTS line that provides the RF signal to your building.

The signal is then sent by dedicated cabling to the cellular repeater/amplifier, which then distributes the signal through your structure. When necessary the wireless signal might further be sent through cabling or small internal antennas to ensure full coverage. The signal used will be strong enough to clearly carry information to the user’s cell phone, tablet or other wireless device.

What Are Integrated Bi-Directional Amplifiers

Bi-Directional Amplifiers, which are also known as BDA’s are sometimes used in distributed antenna system. They are designed to allow cell phone users to access signals in locations that is fully obstructed from cell tower reception. They are most often used in places like basement, crawl spaces, or locations, with difficult terrain. A BDA might also be needed if your structure faces away from the primary signal source.

When it’s incorporated into a DAS the BDA receives a signal from the obstructed antenna. It is usually placed on the roof of a building or other vantage point. Tt then distributes the signal to places that need signal to amplify it. This allows the signal to stay strong despite its distance from the original signal source.

Will I Need a BDA?

You site evaluation and assessment will include any necessary recommendations, including the use of one or more BDA’s. They are primarily used to provide thorough signal, even to so-called dead zones. Underground storage facilities, parking structures, basements, and crawl spaces may need to have BDA’s integrated to ensure clear and reliable reception.