Our Areas Of Expertise Include

  • Data Center and Related Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Server Rooms
  • MDF and IDF Closets
  • Telecommunication Rooms
  • Generator Rooms
  • Head-Ends and HUBs
  • Digital Rooms and Network Kiosks
  • Labs and IT-Related Lab Stations
  • Clean Rooms and Related Facilities
  • High Use Stations
  • Server Cabinets

Expert Data Center Cleaning & Maintenance

Your data center is the beating heart of your network, and likely plays a major role in a wide range of daily operations. That’s why most modern data centers are designed with special ventilation, filtration, and environmental controls.

Yet as time goes on things like dust and other contaminants can still find their way into your data center. As time goes on, it becomes increasingly likely that these materials can build up and even start to infiltrate components and hardware. Left unchecked they can lead to performance issues, and even an increase the chances of suffering from unnecessary downtime or a system failure.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that your data center isn’t the only thing that can suffer from performance issues caused by dust and other contaminants. Even simple things like employee workstations and network components in your building could also be affected.

Fortunately, Prodacom Group has a team of specialists with the tools and training needed to clean your data center, as well as other affected aspects of your IT network

We Use A Comprehensive Approach

Our technicians are dedicated to cleaning and maintaining your data center and network. To do this we take a thorough approach. We go to great lengths to extricate all traces of dust, dirt, residue and other contaminants from your facility.

Every project we undertake has a dedicated supervisor or project manager. Their job is to coordinate our team of professionals as well as serving as a communication portal to answer any of your questions.

There are multiple phases to our process. Each plays a critical role in understanding the scope of the project, as well as which areas need to be targeted with maximum scrutiny. It can also help identify areas where upgrades and improvements may need to be implemented to help prevent future problems.

Carpet Cleaning And Maintenance Services

Maintaining a healthy work environment also involves preventing soil, dust and carpet fibers from harming electronic equipment. This calls for periodic commercial carpet cleaning.

Prodacom Group’s technicians can inspect the carpeted area in your facility to recommend the method and necessary frequency of cleaning. Factors like the type of carpet and amount of foot traffic it receives.

Our certified technicians use a low-foam, water-soluble, ammonia-free carpet cleaning agent. It is specially formulated to reduce drying time. All your carpets are then vacuumed with specialized accessories which can be adjusted to the thickness of the rug as well as other factors like height and high traffic areas.

Key Areas And Cleaning Services We Offer

Different areas in a data center or other network components can be at increased risk for certain contaminants and residual materials. Our experienced team of technicians uses different techniques to address some of the following key areas.

Interior And Exterior Equipment Cleaning

Prodacom Group’s technicians use a meticulous approach to safely cleans all interior and exterior surfaces of key equipment. This includes lint removal, and micro-fiber wipes as well as HEPA filtration vacuums with a grounded system to collect airborne material in the environment.

Our cleaning services focus on things like server racks, PDUs, and CRAC units. We also make sure to inspect and clean any wall-mounted hardware, physical equipment, and other potentially less obvious sources of contamination like chairs, handrails, light fixtures, windows, window sills.

Our process is designed to remove all traces of surface grime, residue, dust, and dirt, as well as other key areas that are prone to contaminant buildup. It often includes things like sanitizing phones, fixtures, and doors.

As needed our technicians may also use special HEPA vacuums as well as special wipe-down procedures on the interior and exterior of cabinets, monitors and other flat surfaces. All work stations, personal computers, keyboards, and screens will also be thoroughly cleaned with one of our special antistatic solutions. Our technicians can also clean desks, tables, and overhead cable trays in an affected room. Our underlying goal is to leave your facility in pristine condition.

Cleaning Electro Static Dissipative, Vinyl Composition Tile, Flooring, And Concrete Surfaces

Airborne contaminants tend to settle on floors. At the same time, a wide range of residual materials can be tracked into critical areas on the bottom of shoes. Here at Prodacom Group our through approach includes cleaning different types of flooring surfaces including:

  • Vinyl Composition Tile
  • Electrostatic Dissipative Floors
  • Concrete And Other Types Of Flooring

Before the cleaning process begins, we clear the room of any boxes or moveable equipment. Then the entire surface of the floor is vacuumed with a certified HEPA filtration vacuum which is securely grounded to the electrical system.
Whenever necessary flooring surfaces are meticulously cleaned with a low-revolution orbital machine that has a special interference-suppressed motor. It is specifically designed to help remove scuffs while also deep cleaning with a specially formulated floor cleaning solution. Any small or confined areas can also be hand-scrubbed to ensure each tile is fully cleaned.
Our technicians will also remove things like tape marks, residual glue deposits, compromised paint, and ground-in materials, as well as cleaning affected areas of base molding. Once this is done, we will apply multiple coats of antistatic floor finisher to ensure that all tiles and surfaces are neutralized.