Our Areas Of Expertise Include

  • Data Center Design Using Industry Leading Partners

  • White Space Build Outs

  • Data Center Expansion

  • Data Center Relocations

  • Installation and Implementation

  • As-Built Documentation

  • Day 2 Support and Staffing

Certified Professionals With Knowledge & Experience

Business growth is good! Many successful businesses embrace the need for growth and expansion or simply find themselves in need of a larger facility. IT infrastructure is a critical component for a successful expansion or relocation.

Prodacom Group specializes in data center low voltage IT infrastructure. We can take your project from idea, through design and development to implementation with exacting standards and efficiency.

Our detail-oriented process has helped a wide range of clients to quickly move into their new or expanded data center from within a building to across town and even another state. We take pride in offering comprehensive design, build, and fill in services.

Experienced Complete Construction
On-Time Implementation
Trusted Project Management Methodologies
Scalable White Space Build-Outs
As-Built Documentation Provided

We’re Data Center Experts Who Get The Job Done Right The First Time

A company’s beating heart is its data center, which of course makes it the most important IT investment. The industry is constantly changing, expanding and evolving. So even seemingly small choices can have a major impact on the rest of your IT operations. Prodacom Group uses solid design principles developed by our industry experts to ensure the optimal performance of your business’s new IT infrastructure to help design, build and fill any size data center to maximize your uptime.

Strict On-Time Implementation

You will always have a single point of contact every throughout the lifecycle of your project who manages the time-tables of each stage . Our certified professionals use a modular approach when it comes to implementation and installation with vast knowledge, qualifications and experience. This allows us to be flexible while using industry-leading products that can be acquired and installed quickly. Our specialists pay close attention to detail during installation as well as during the review process, understanding all aspects of the data design, build outs, other trades, cable distributions, floor layouts and more ensuring smooth process for everyone involved.

In many cases we maintain a large inventory of components for some of our standard designs. This allows our team of specialists to install them quickly. Our catalog of products encompasses many of the industry’s highest quality components with competitive costs and installation.

Daily real time project tracking and status via our project portal.

Our years of industry experience has helped us prepare and execute for the entire planning and deployment, along with being proactive towards the unexpected along the way. We understand how important an expansion or relocation of a data center is to your business.

Our team takes a detail-oriented approach when working from design to implementation. This includes the general layout of the space, electrical design, cabling pathways, cabling one line, cabling elevation, pull schedule, budgets, and timeline, while planning for future growth of your company. The entire team cares, and approaches each step as your valued partner to ensure the project gets done right, fitting into your exacting needs and budget.

Understanding The Entire Process

Experienced Design Partners & Construction Services

Our technicians, specialists, and project managers work to continuously expand their skill set and knowledge base. This includes obtaining the latest data center certifications to provide our clients with innovative design philosophy and sound guidance.The process also involves developing a conscious budget and timeline as well as guiding you through its finer points. If you don’t have a infrastructure design team in-house, we work with the leading designers across the USA to ensure everything is up to code and planned with room for growth.

Prodacom Group has a certified staff of BICSI specialists with expertise in data center design principles, and green technologies as well as best practices. We employ CAD and other sophisticated illustration tools to help guide you through design options that best meet your data center footprint. This helps to make the most of what the site has available.

The process also makes sure to factor in key elements such as power, density distribution, and room layout as well as state of the art cabling strategies for pulling and termination.

Our Smart-Team Handles

  • Verify and inventory current data center equipment
  • Prepare space planning for relocation to new Data Center
  • Prepare cabinet elevations for relocation
  • Review new data center layout and cabinet elevations for approval prior to building and relocating
  • Track and maintain last minute changes
  • Unboxing and inventorying new equipment
  • Rack and stack new and existing equipment
  • On-site dedicated tech support
  • Moves, adds, changes

  • Complete inventory change management
  • Install, terminate and test new and existing cabinet infrastructure
  • Verify and record serial numbers to maintain database
  • Before & after pictures for project tracking
  • Power cycle servers, routers and switches
  • Verify and test all installed cable
  • Provide full close out package

We Make Relocating Your Data Center Easy

We understand that your data center requirements will evolve and grow with your business. Our design team always try to keep in mind modularity and flexibility to make future expansion fast and cost-efficient.

Dedicated Team

We help plan the complete process from the start, working closely with each level of your team to ensure a successful relocation, with minimal downtime. From the initial product scope and consultation, to the coordination with your all the moving people, parts, the uninstall, then reinstall process will be delivered right and on-time, minimizing any impact to your business. We understand how stressful a complex move can be, which is why we’ve got the right skilled staff who has the knowledge, years of experience and best practices to ensure a fast, successful relocation project.

Scalable White Space Build-Outs

Our technicians have extensive experience in designing and building out data center white spaces from design and complete build-outs that are completely scalable. From a small server room to a multi-floor white space for critical cloud network storage, we understand the importance of having a solid foundation tailored to your ever-changing needs. This allows us to support your business in all aspects of white space build-out, including, floor layouts, power distribution, and cabling as well as factoring in cooling efficiency. No two white spaces are the same, so our design team is proficient in customizing a solution that best works for your company while considering all other trades that need to be involved in the process.

As-Built Documentation

Once your data center is completed and all data has been migrated we can further help your IT staff to acclimate, by providing As-Built Documents. This is a clear, detailed set of documents that your staff can use as reliable reference as well as a resource for future maintenance.

We can help you with every phase of developing a new data center or expanding your existing infrastructure. Our extensive experience produces high-standard IT Infrastructure to meet your needs now and into the future.

Trusted Project Management Methodologies

Prodacom Group’s project managers have the experience to implement your new data center on time and on budget. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

We will assign a dedicated project manager to you to serve as your primary contact throughout the design and build process. Our philosophy offers exceptional value, to our clients. We handle everything for you while also keeping you informed of our progress which includes important project milestones.

Your project manager will establish key dates and delivery cycles for long-lead equipment, which includes vendor management. The goal is to develop an early, and clear understanding each vendor’s role on the site.

We can help you with every phase of developing a new data center or expanding your existing infrastructure. Our extensive experience produces high-standard IT Infrastructure to meet your needs now and into the future.