Services Include

  • Outsourcing Staff For Your IT Infrastructure Project
  • Professionally Trained IT Infrastructure Installers
  • Customizable, Flexible and Scalable
  • Exemplary Consulting Services

Professional On-Demand Talent With Flexibility To Meet Your Goals

Information technology continues to advance every year. This makes IT infrastructure upgrades a necessary part of the process of keeping pace with the speed of modern business. At the same time many institutions and schools also need to upgrade their IT infrastructure to ensure they are offering the highest quality of service and educational opportunities.

In some of these instances you might already have an in-house IT staff capable of handling some aspects of an IT infrastructure upgrade. However, taking them away from their appointed duties might cause other aspects of operation, tied to their daily tasks, to suffer.

If your school, office, or building needs an IT infrastructure upgrade, but you don’t have necessary IT staff to execute the project efficiently, you can always turn to Prodacom Group’s staff augmentation services. Our highly trained and professional staff can help with a wide range of infrastructure needs, including structural cabling, data center upgrades and installation, A/V systems, installing distributed antenna systems, and much, much more.

Prodacom Group specializes in IT infrastructure, which means we can provide you with the kind of expert technicians and specialists that you simply won’t find through a temporary labor service. With our industry expertise we are also able to offer a broad range of services depending on your specific needs.

Customized Full-Service Staff Augmentation For Any Project

If you prefer to have your in-house IT staff handle the software and server side of the upgrade our team of technicians can install the structured cabling and other physical components. Prodacom Group’s staff has years of experience dealing with a wide range site-specific details and we can offer you customized solutions to your unique site-specific details. We offer the right kind of flexible payments that make sense for you. From hourly, weekly, monthly or even per project.

Experienced Flexible Professionals Available When Needed Most

Prodacom Group maintains professional installation teams throughout the United States. We also offer consulting services to help you troubleshoot aspects of your in-house installation. Whether you need a single installation specialist to augment your in-house staff’s structural cabling project, a full team of installers and engineers, or insightful consulting, we are ready, willing, and able!

Enthusiastic 100% Team Integration

Our technicians, specialists, and engineers are available to participate in the daily installation and upgrade process and we can provide progress reports based on your need or established milestones. We can handle any scale or scope of an IT infrastructure project. Our experience level allows us to quickly scale up your installation process, or provide you with unparalleled consulting services.

24/7 Scalable No-Risk Contracts

Our team can be available around the clock at a moments notice to help fill the gaps with any project that comes up. We’ll put together simple, and affordable no-risk contracts that are fair, honest and flexible.

Professional Planning & Consulting Services

With some IT infrastructure projects you might have the available IT staff on hand, or need some staff augmentation from us. However, the larger looming issue might be identifying your needs, determining the best method for implementing them.

Prodacom Group maintains highly trained and certified IT infrastructure engineers with years of experience in site design. We can help identify your needs and advise you on the best practices and equipment to meet your needs now, as well as the scalability to meet your needs in the future.