Services Include

  • Professional Transition Services
  • Expert Consulting
  • Pre & Post Support

  • Network Relocation & Upgrades
  • Equipment Swaps & Replacement

  • Service Carrier / Provider Coordination

Professional Services To Help With All Aspects Of Your Transition

In today’s world business moves at the speed of information technology. New innovations and opportunities can often open up options like expanding your current facility, developing a satellite office, or opening a new location to take advantage of a new market. In times like this reliable and professionally installed IT infrastructure is critical for maintaining smooth operations throughout your expansion.

Of course, downtime due to upgrades can have a significant impact on your business or institution. You simply can’t afford to be without essential telecommunication services like phones or access to data. Fortunately, Prodacom Group has years of experience implementing office moves, additions and changes, which includes upgrading telecommunications systems. All with little to no disruption to your daily operations.

Prodacom Group has years of experience and highly trained teams who are ready, willing, and able to help with moves, adds, changes, and expansion projects.

  • Deploy, relocate, or install wireless access points
  • Transition or remove workstations, networked kiosks, and digital display screens
  • Transport or install POS devices
  • Change router and switch configurations
  • Upgrade or reinstall local network cabling
  • Upgrade or reconfigure structured cabling and patch panels
  • Test and upgrade high-speed internet access at all locations
  • Expand, upgrade, or add network cabinets

Remote Consulting & Troubleshooting

Transitions, expansions and full-scale moves can be chaotic. Especially if your first expansion or your in-house IT staff is already operating near their maximum capacity. When trying to handle a move or expansion yourself, chances are good that you will run into a hard-to-solve IT infrastructure issue.

In times like this you can turn to Prodacom Group’s highly trained and experienced staff. We have technicians, engineers, and other specialists available to help you remotely troubleshoot a problem area. Our extensive experience can also help with logistics planning before the transition starts or to help catch a problem before it starts. When necessary, we can often deploy specialists to help you on-site or to augment your existing staff during the transition.

Depending on the specifics of your site and situation Prodacom Group can help with:

IT Infrastructure Support Regardless Of Scale

Cabling moves, adds, and changes, also known as MAC, play a critical role in expanding the IT functionality of your building or site. Prodacom Group has teams of engineers, project managers, and installation technicians that have experience working with IT infrastructure projects of every scale.

Our dedication to continued training and professionalism is designed to provide reliable services for cost-effective relocation or expansion of your infrastructure and equipment. Our project managers apply meticulous planning, foresight and experience to help for effective risk management.

We have helped a wide range of organizations seeking to upgrade their IT infrastructure and optimize their data center performance throughout the process of executing cabling moves, adds and changes.

Our IT infrastructure support teams offer services such as:

Complete &  Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC) Services

Flexible Services To Meet Your Needs

Prodacom Group offers various service packages to help support your IT infrastructure needs. Our service plans allow our clients to customize their service needs relative to their budget and current goals as well as long-term factors. Our team works closely with your in-house designers, or we can suggest a design partner we work closely with to meet your specific requirements.

Our menu of services includes unlimited remote monitoring and onsite hardware moves, adds, and changes. This can be especially helpful if your in-house IT staff are tasked with important daily operations.

Coordination With Your Current Providers

When you contract with us to help with your MAC project you will be assigned a project manager to help not only answer your questions, and ensure the work goes smoothly, they will also assist in coordinating with your current service providers.

With some moves and expansion projects additional external lines need to be brought in, or current lines need to be upgraded. At the same time internet service packages might also need to be updated, increased, or even installed.

Prodacom Group has years of experience in this area. We can plan for any upgrades, or new installations with your existing service providers or help you shop for a new provider when applicable. We can help demystify these services for you, without needless explanations or additional burdens to your existing IT staff.