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  • Cost-Efficient Assessment
  • Innovative Solutions For Site Planning
  • Professional IT Infrastructure Deployment

Our Predictive Site Surveys Are Stunningly Accurate

One of the best tools we employ toward this goal comes in the form of a wireless predictive survey or WAP. It is essentially a virtual survey of your site or facility that factors in all the pertinent information about the intended project. It helps us to efficiently plan the proposed wireless network in far less time than you see in most traditional onsite surveys. It also helps speed the process of any necessary site assessments that might be required later.

These innovative tools along with our extensive experience designing wireless systems, of every scale, allows us to be incredibly accurate about predicting your needs before we physically arrive at the site. Prodacom Group’s predictive site survey software factors in things like building materials, square footage, the anticipated number of wireless users, applications being used, and potential antenna models as well as other potential variables to develop an intuitive network map.

The sophisticated software we use to develop a wireless predictive survey is stunningly accurate on its own. Our extensive experience also provides us with key insights. This allows us to adjust the process through analysis, and design, to installation. deploy.

Throughout the process, we specifically design the system using access point power settings set to 50% to allow for onsite adjustments. Doing this allows us to boost signal strength to fill in any potential coverage challenges in the physical environment. At the same time, some wireless vendor platforms will also self-adjust signal strengths to fill in any holes and load balances to create a seamless system.

Prodacom Group’s wireless installers also try to leave 10 to 15-foot loops in the cabling for each AP to allow for any potential physical adjustments that might be needed after installation. This small allowance helps accommodate future changes.

Our engineers and designers ask a lot of questions about your site to develop a better understanding of the building’s environment. Our extensive experience has helped us to develop special formulas to account for many variables as well as reduce chances of error.

Cost inefficiencies can be an issue in any project. This is especially true with it comes to designing, planning, and installing IT infrastructure projects. Here at Prodacom Group we are dedicated to handling all your structured cabling needs from site survey, through design and installation with a mindful eye toward being cost conscious, without sacrificing quality.

  • Small and large businesses
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals and healthcare clinics
  • Hotels
  • Airports and transportation hubs
  • Industrial, manufacturing, and commercial properties
  • Museums and more

Several Factors In Every Wireless Predictive Survey

As a virtual representation of your facility a wireless predictive survey encompasses several important factors in developing a wireless network. This generally starts with an accurate depiction of your building’s floor plan which is loaded into our sophisticated software system. Our wireless predictive survey tools also factor in building materials, square footage, and the anticipated number of wireless users, and other key pieces of information

Typically, a wireless predictive survey costs far less than physical survey which involves significant man hours as well as extensive measurements. It is also much more efficient at predicting channel assignments, as well as various power settings and AP placements.

A Wireless Predictive Survey Might Replace A Physical Survey

Some IT infrastructure companies will perform an on-site physical survey as part of their sales demonstration. Their goal is often to impress you early by showing off sophisticated equipment, then factor in those unnecessary man hours into the final cost.

At Prodacom Group we always try to mind your bottom line costs. We evaluate each client and site request on an individual basis and perform the type of site survey type that is most efficient. The wireless predictive survey handles the bulk of the assessment process. In some cases, we may only need to do a physical survey in a few key areas, where minor yet important questions might remain.

Insights On The Key Factors We Collect

As a general rule of thumb, the more information we can factor into the wireless predictive survey, the better the design outcome will be. Many of the key variables we collect include:

A Wireless Predictive Survey Conveys A Lot Of Information

We are always happy to help you understand the process and all the various options that be used to optimize the IT infrastructure in your site. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing site, expand, or develop a new construction facility, Prodacom Group has the experience personnel and tools to meet your network needs now and into the future!

With some moves and expansion projects additional external lines need to be brought in, or current lines need to be upgraded. At the same time internet service packages might also need to be updated, increased, or even installed.

Prodacom Group’s wireless predictive surveys are designed to be comprehensive and convey key information, including:

  • AP placement and coverage maps of your site.

  • Proposed wireless network solutions including materials, projected labor, and costs.

  • A detailed statement of work being delivered and installed

  • A comprehensive project plan, noting milestones in analysis, design, and installation as well as support.